Florida’s Michael McArthur is an independent, soulful singer/songwriter who at age 15, was gifted his first guitar by his grandfather. After learning a few chords, he began writing songs right away and has ever since. As a child, he was introduced to music by both sides of his family. It was an eclectic mix. His mom was born in Puerto Rico, and his dad in the United States. James Taylor, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan, and Julio Iglesias were on the radio often, and there always seemed to be a guitar in a corner somewhere.

McArthur began touring and releasing self-produced EPs in his twenties. He’s played in coffee houses, clubs, and theaters, and in 2016, set out on a cross-country house concert tour, where he performed intimate solo acoustic concerts in fans’ homes. At the end of 2016, McArthur performed, backed by a full band and the Imperial Symphony Orchestra, at Polk Theatre in Lakeland, Florida. 

In 2017, McArthur would have what he describes as the most challenging 12 months of the last 396. After nearly losing the one he loves most, he took time off for introspective analysis and to write. Amassing a 3-ring binder full of songs, it was these 12 months that would inspire his next work.

In July of 2018, McArthur drove to Los Angeles from Florida to record his debut full length album with multiple GRAMMY winning producer/mixer, Ryan Freeland, who’s known for his work with Ray LaMontagne, Bonnie Raitt, The Barr Brothers and Aimee Mann. Ryan assembled an incredible group of session players, who along with McArthur, recorded 13 songs in 4 days live as a band at United Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. The earthy and anthemic album, titled ‘Ever Green, Ever Rain’ is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2019.   

"A beautiful channel of human emotion, eloquent words, rich with depth and meaning, Michael McArthur’s music is both simple and complex. He displays the wide spectrum of thought and perspective, creating evocative soundscapes that are poignant and profound. His penetrating voice allows the mind to really listen to the music as opposed to just hearing it." 

  • Morena Duwe - The Huffington Post